RT Emily Rees @emilyrees_eu: A belated note of gratitude to the team at @BorderlexEditor for the nice mention to our debate on the future of the… https://t.co/MI8fi2bd2d💻⚡ Governments are increasingly seeking to control Big Tech but what is this new wave of digital regulation aiming… https://t.co/KF9NG91uLa"As #CBAM is not planned to put any charge on imports until 2026, there is time to work out a better proposal and m… https://t.co/GwSdllVP0G💫"Unheralded, under-appreciated and often unnoticed, the WTO remains the lodestar around which international trade… https://t.co/xpcmRyZgCLFrom January t o February 2022, @Liberty_ISIL will be hosting online courses to help empower individuals to become… https://t.co/sPfWuH7WDE